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How to apply eyelashes extension for home naturally

by Lee Hui 19 Jun 2023

Step 1

Choose your favor eyelashes extensions that are suitable for your eye shape and curl,size

How to apply eyelashes extension for home naturally
Step 2

Squeeze the glue on the cotton swab, and then gently apply the cotton swab on the stem of eyelashes. The completely wet Adhesive is not easy to stick firmly to the eyes, but it is easiest to stick eyelashes firmly when it is semi dry.

How to apply eyelashes extension for home naturally

Step 3

After confirming the distance from the head of the eye to the end of the eye, look down, align the False eyelashes with the central edge of the upper eyelash, and then use the method of gently pressing to firmly paste the False eyelashes.

How to apply eyelashes extension for home naturally

Step 4

Keep your eyes looking down, hold the False eyelashes with tweezers and press them for a few seconds, press them to the eyelashes at the end of the eyes, then open your eyes greatly, and rely on the squeeze force of the eyelids to make the False eyelashes firmer. The temperature of fingers can promote the Adhesive to be more comfortable.

Step 5

Use a black eyeliner pen to draw the connection of False eyelashes, so that the natural False eyelashes can be pasted.

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