Down-turned Eyes

Down turned eyes" can refer to the physical appearance of a person's eyes or their facial expression.

Physically, down turned eyes refer to the shape of the eyes, where the outer corners of the eyes slope downwards towards the cheeks. This trait can be a natural part of a person's facial features or it can be a result of aging or certain medical conditions.

In terms of facial expression, down turned eyes can convey a variety of emotions and moods. When a person is feeling sad or dejected, their eyes may naturally droop downwards, giving the appearance of down turned eyes. Conversely, a person may intentionally lower their gaze to convey shyness or humility.

It's important to note that facial expressions can be interpreted differently based on cultural and social contexts, and it's always best to consider the person's overall body language and verbal cues when interpreting their emotions.Our lash extensions for downturned eyes will give you the best lookingwhenever.

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