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EASY TO APPLY:Different from single lashes, our cluster lashes are wider at the root, usually 4-6mm, which is easier to clip.Please Use professional eyelash tweezers to peel the long eyelashes, apply false eyelash glue and wait 30 seconds, then apply the eyelashes to the upper or lower natural lashes. Don't touch your eyelids
EASY TO REMOVE:Our DIY eyelashes often only need self-grafting glue, and do not need cheap individual eyelash extensions super glue to fix it. When removing, it will be easier to use a small amount of glue remover
11-STYLES OPTIONS:We have specially designed 11 styles, Fluffy, Common, Natural, Cross, Hybrid, Classic, Half,Hybird C curl+D,Classic C curl+D,Natural D+Common D,Hybird D+Classic D, if you want to look natural everyday, you can choose the style Natural, if you go to a party, you can choose Hybird.In addition, a mix of styles and curvatures will be your most affordable choice,buy 1,get 2!!
A PERFECT GIFT— Not only for the beauties, but also for relatives and friends.We have specially designed envelopes that you can give to your friends who want to try strip eyelash extensions
AFTER-SALE SERVICE — Feel free to contact us if you have any unsatisfied, we will reply to you in 12 hours long and try our best to help.

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