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Easy Fan Lash Extensions

Easy Fan Lash Extensions

Easy Fan Lash Extensions

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Target customers: for those with scarce eyelashes and want to have thicker and attractive eyelashes.

Personal use: It can be easily operated by oneself at home to have a fast grafting process.

Salon use: Super time-saving for grafting professionals with high-efficient grafting skills.

Fans can be formed by random gripping, it is easily to DIY 3d / 5d / 6d / 7d volume lashes with Lankiz tweezers,perfectly for beginners to operate.

Easy fan lashes: You do not need to be a pro and it is friendly for beginners to DIY volume lashes. It is called “easy fan lashes”means it is easy to create a fan without lash being separated.

Long durability: Softer Russian volume lashes with less eyelash roots reduce the burden of natural eyelashes, increasing the durability of eyelash extensions.

Time-saving: Compared with classic lashes, easy fan volume lashes can save half grafting time and increase the density by 50% at the same time.

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