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Length of Eyelash Extensions

lets introuduce the Length of eyelash extensions.Most of human eyelashes are 8-15MM, and the closer to the length of human eyelashes, the more natural the eyelashes are. The length of eyelashes is generally based on matching, short eyelash extensions AND long eyelash extensions are both popular for beautiful women. Common combinations are 8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm,14mm,15mm.
You need to choose the length of the grafted eyelashes according to your own eyelashes. The grafted eyelashes of this length will make the eyelashes more natural and the effect of the eyelashes will be better.
The length of the grafted eyelashes is not as long as possible. Excessively long lashes look unnatural and easy to fall off, so choose the right eyelash length. Let the eyelash artist take out the grafted eyelashes for comparison, watch the effect, and then make a selection. Eyelashes of the same length of different brands are also different, and different batches of eyelashes of the same brand are also different, so it is best to choose after viewing the actual effect.
Target customers: Suitable for personal DIY grafters at home and salon beginner grafters.1.Simple grafting process: A cluster of eyelashes can be grafted on many natural eyelashes, which can create various different styling instantly. It is suitable for family DIY users and salon beginner grafters.2..
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1. Target customers: for those with scarce eyelashes and want to have thicker and attractive eyelashes.Personal use: It can be easily operated by oneself at home to have a fast grafting process.Salon use: Super time-saving for grafting professionals with high-efficient grafting skills.2. Fans can be..
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