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Lash Extensions Tweezers Set

Lash Extensions Tweezers Set

Lash Extensions Tweezers Set

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4 PCS Tweezers Set, Lankiz volume tweezers set satisfies all the functions of lash isolation, picking up, making fans and grafting. The arc of curvy isolation tweezer tips conform to the eye structure, so it is more suitable for isolating lashes for customers with deep eye sockets. The curved lash tweezers are usually used to pick up premade volume lashes. The pointed edge lash tweezers and the volume lash tweezers are specially designed for easy fan volume lashes.

Laser cutting technology and 3-4 times handmade grinding and polishing make our eyelash extension tweezers achieve perfectly aligned from every angles. With high precisions lash tweezers tips can close tightly and grip 0.03mm volume lashes easily. 420 stainless steel underwent special heat treatment to improve the intensity and hardness of the tweezer tips. It is abrasion resistant, rust-free and not easy to deform.

More than 30 processing workmanships have been used to create a perfect pair of tweezers for eyelash extensions. You can pick up tinier lashes and hairs easily.  Low resistance, you can easily close the lash extension tweezer tips; Rebound easily, rebound to its original position without any other assistance needed.

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