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Diy individual lash glue remover 60ml

Diy individual lash glue remover 60ml

Diy individual lash glue remover 60ml

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1.All available before grafting
Personal use:Can be used to clean eyelashes before eyelash grafting and also as eye makeup remover
Salon use:Clean up customers' eyelashes and skin around the eyes.
2.Function:Clean the dirt and grease of the eyelashes to make the grafted eyelashes firmer
3.Features:no irritation, no burning, more gentle.
4.Advantages:deep nourishment, moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-oil effect.
Deionized water, glycerin sodium dodecyl sulfate, amino acid, alkyl glucoside, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, EDTA disodium, trehalose

Apply small amount of Diy individual lash glue remover  on the cleansing pads or fingers
Dab it on the lashes along the lash line
Move the pads up and down gently along the lashes for about 60s
Finally rinse it off with water

Please use with caution for sensitive skin types, use water instead.
Keep out of reach of children

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