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Lankiz Brand Story

Peter was originally a Chinese guy who worked hard in Los Angeles, USA. He specializes in the retail and wholesale of professional eyelashes and tools. In just ten years, he has cooperated with dozens of eyelash salons. In 2016, Peter's business was hit, and the business continued to decline, which suddenly brought the company he worked hard to run into a situation where it was heavily indebted and on the verge of bankruptcy. After going through bankruptcy filings, asset restructuring and other low ebbs, Peter decided to go back to his hometown, go deep into the eyelash industry belt of his hometown, build his own eyelash factory, and truly build his own eyelash product brand.

Peter's hometown is Qingdao, China, where 80% of the world's eyelash products come from decades of eyelash manufacturing history. Peter visited several eyelash factories in his hometown and found that the factories here can directly reach customers in the United States, eliminating the need for wholesalers to participate.
"Build a factory!" Peter said to himself. In 2016, Lankiz eyelash product factory was established. With years of experience in wholesale and retail of eyelash products, Peter's business has developed rapidly. Not only has he established contacts with previous old customers, but he has also carried out the business of online celebrities bringing goods through the Internet.

Now, there are more than 20 beauty stores and salon in cooperation with Lankiz worldwide. But Peter himself never dared to forget his original intentions.

Born for lashes, he will devote himself to the eyelashes business all his life. Born for lashes, Always lankiz This brand slogan has also become the slogan of generations of eyelashers.

Born for lashes, Always Lankiz!

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