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Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

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Personal use: It can be grafted by oneself, easy to operate and fast grafting. Salon use: quick grafting to provide professional grafting service.

The volume eyelashes can form a flower shape styling and can be quickly grafted on natural eyelashes, so they can help to create a dense and fluffy eyelashes.Volume eyelash is easiest to operate than classic eyelashes and there is no need to make a fan by yourself, which is time saving and perfectly for beginners to operate.

Stable curl: the volume eyelashes has been heated twice during the manufacturing process to maintain its perfect curvature and the eyelashes will stay its shape under proper maintenance.                                                                

High-quality raw materials: imported high-quality PBT material, soft, comfortable,and light weight.

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