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Home Pro DIY Lash Kit

Home Pro DIY Lash Kit

Home Pro DIY Lash Kit

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Eyelashes Extension Kit Home Pro

1 This Kit is available for personal DIY eyelashes at home with one whole set to meet all needs.
Including: Individual Lashes 10p*1
Personal eye opening grafting glue *1
L Shape-volume tweezers * 1
Lash shampoo * 1

2.Individual Lashes(10P):
light and soft to create naturally dense effect;
It can be grafted instantly after taking it off with no need to make fans by yourself ;
There is one cluster of 10 pieces, which makes a larger contact area with the glue to makes the firmer grafting effect.Even beginners are easy to handle.

3. Personal eye opening grafting glue: anti-allergic, quick-drying in 3-5s; high durability up to 2-3 weeks; odourless and no irritation.

4. L Shape-volume tweezers: Specially designed for volume lashes and individual lashes with high tightness.And it is ideal choice for salon novices and beginners to pinch and operate safely.

5. Eyelash removal shampoo: no irritation with nourishing and moisturizing effect; deeply removal of grease and dust from eyelashes to make grafting eyelashes longer lasting.

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