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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, when placing an order, you need to register or log in to the account of our website with your email address. Our online store supports PayPal payment. If you are having trouble with your payment method, please contact us to help.

We provide door-to-door service for global shipping, the delivery usually takes 5-12 days in most areas.

The shipping cost will be automatically calculated and displayed according to the weight when your shopping cart is checked out.

FREE shipping over 299$ amount !!

Please enter the corresponding coupon according to the total amount of your order during checkout, and the system will automatically calculate the discount amount for you.

All coupons will only take effect when the corresponding order amount is met.

Up to 60% discount, come and get your coupon discount!

Here are coupon codes

Coupon Code for 90% DISCOUNT over 300$ amount:   10299DT

Coupon Code for 80% DISCOUNT over 500$ amount:    20499DT

Coupon Code for 70% DISCOUNT over 1000$ amount:  30999DT

Coupon Code for 60% DISCOUNT over 2000$ amount:   40199DT


Ex: For example, when my order amount exceeds 500$, I enter ''20499DT'' in the coupon position, and the system will automatically calculate the 80% discount for me, as shown in the figure