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Lash Extension Glue 10ML

Lash Extension Glue 10ML

Lash Extension Glue 10ML

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• Extra strong bonding/bigger


• Easy to use & moderate viscosity


• Fast-drying & long-lasting


• Safe and premium quality

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EXTRA STRONG BONDING/MORE BIGGER: 10ml LANKIZ eyelash extension glue is our best performing adhesive thanks to our advanced glue formula, recommend for all lash artists. It not only maximizes the bonding retention up to 6 weeks but also helps to keep the fume low and non-irritation. The eyelash glue should never ever be used for self application or strip eyelashes. WARNING:NO SUIT FOR BEGINNERS and SENSITIVE EYES

FAST DRYING & LONG LASTING: 1-2s drying time designed for skilled lash artists, saving huge time for you and provide more efficient service to your customers. LANKIZ lash extension glue has an incredible retention power with advanced formula, keep eyelash extensions lasting up to 6 weeks. Strongest bonding and longest retention period on the market. Your clients will love it and keep coming back!

SAFE AND PREMIUM QUALITY: LANKIZ lash glue are tested and positively reviewed by over 100 eyelash extension professionals before launch. Our individual eyelashes glue is latex and formaldehyde-free, lower fumes nd less irritation which comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacturing standards.

EASY TO USE, MODERATE VISCOSITY: LANKIZ eyelash glue has a thin consistency and low viscosity which expedite the process of applying it to your eyelashes. After solidifying, the glue becomes flexible to integrate the real and false lashes better. It can withstand external forces such as rubbing, or washing.

CONVENIENT DESIGN & ALWAYS STAND YOUR BACK: LANKIZ put the customers at first. We designed in a sealed package that has silica gel alongside a glue needle that keeps the eyelash extension glue fresh for longer periods. If you are not totally satisfied with LANKIZ eyelash glue please feel free to contact us, we always here.

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