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Salon Max-4 Eyelash extension glue

Salon Max-4 Eyelash extension glue

Salon Max-4 Eyelash extension glue

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Color: Black
Fantastic Retention:8 weeks
Fine Setting Time: 0.5 to 1 seconds
Viscosity: Slightly low, 120-150m.Pas
Used with:Classic,Ecllipse,Flat or Cashmere lashes
No Animal Testing
Shaking the bottle at least 30 seconds before using!

The Lankiz Salon Max-4 proved to be the #1 eyelash glue for Salon pros! Specially formulated to be latex-free, it's a gentle mixture that offers a strong all-day hold, without harming your own natural lashes. Easy to apply the right amount of glue to your false lashes, every time. Dries clear. Now with new formula!

This well-balanced glue belongs in the medium consistency glue group where it has the fastest setting time (0.5 to 1 seconds). A such drying time, permits only low levels of odors and irritation.

Its viscosity makes it suitable for both classic and volume extensions. Excellent retention for up to 8 weeks.  With our proprietary coating agent, which demonstrates a high resistance to heat(65-80F), humidity(30-70%) and dust.

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