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Ellipse Flat Lash Extensions

Ellipse Flat Lash Extensions

Ellipse Flat Lash Extensions

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1.Target customers:People who have good eyelashes but not long or thick enough and want to achieve thicker&deeper eyelash effect.Also it requires some basic grafting skills.

Personal use: You can use it personally  with home pro glue if you are confident with your own eyelashes extension experience;

Salon use:it is a perfectly choice for high-quality salons to provide professional grafting service to their clients. Also it is long-lasting with strong adhesion. 

2.Weight advantage:45-50% lighter than other types, which brings you more comfortable user experience. Also it makes grafting more eyelashes in quantity possible. The tiny split ends helps to create a more glamorous and expressive eyelash styling.

3. The oval root area of the flat eyelashes expands its contact area with the real eyelashes. It is firmer when grafting with Lankiz glue, which can be kept for a long time without falling off.

4. According to personal eyelashes, you can be match flat eyelashes to create different curls and lengths. So you can DIY various thick and fluffy eyelash styling anytime and anywhere.

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