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As a leader in Full set eyelash extensions industry, Lankiz supply light and soft eyelash sets to beauty-loving women around the world. Each kit is best best lash lift kit contains:
 Individual Lashes 10p*1,
opening grafting glue with a special formula for Personal eye *1, safe and non-irritating, long lasting for 2-3 weeks ,
High-end L Shape-volume tweezers * 1 ,
Non-irritating and moisturizing lash shampoo * 1
Choose home diy eyelashes here, which is safer, more beautiful and lower cost.

Home Pro DIY Lash Kit Home Pro DIY Lash Kit
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Eyelashes Extension Kit Home Pro1 This Kit is available for personal DIY eyelashes at home with one whole set to meet all needs.Including: Individual Lashes 10p*1 Personal eye opening grafting glue *1L Shape-volume tweezers * 1Lash shampoo * 12.Individual Lashes(10P): light and soft to create natura..
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