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Lankiz eyelash factory also provides special formula eyelash extension glue for grafting eyelashes, focusing on home DIY and salon artists. The glue we developed is safe, odorless and non-irritating, so you can use it with confidence. There are many types of our glues with different usage methods and different durations. You can choose the appropriate glue for eyelash extension according to your needs, such as black eyelash extension glue, personal eyelash glue, permanent eyelash glue, semi-permanent eyelash glue , Waterproof eyelash glue.
1.QUICK DRYING CLEAR: No need wait,the false eyelash glue gets sticky in seconds, and dries invisible.No residue. After use, the lash glue on the band can be removed easily, and the false eyelashes can be used for many times without deformation.2.DURABLE: the eyelash adhensive are waterproof and swe..
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