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allen 29 Nov 0 235
What kind of false eyelashes are your favourite?To judge the quality of a false eyelash, first of all, its material has a large scoring standard. The material of good false eyelashes is comparable to ..
28 Oct 0 226
The correct way to use mascaraMascara is no stranger to many girls, but do you really know the correct way to use it? How to use mascara to make your eyelashes more curly and don't look stiff? If you ..
04 Nov 0 224
I don't know if you have noticed that the female friends around did not brush mascara, did not stick false eyelashes, eyelashes are still long and warped? I am grafting by myself all the years at home..
22 Aug 0 221
Many people have such troubles that They watched 100 makeup bloggers’ makeup videos and followed them down carefully step by step, but they still can’t get a simple makeup look. There are still many p..
allen 04 Jan 0 210
Beauty eyelashes, grafting eyelashes. It is an emerging project that can make women’s eyelashes look long and curled without makeup. As a result, the beauty of eyelashes is slowly being known to every..
25 Aug 0 199
Vitamin E is usually ineffective when applied to eyelashes.The main purpose of applying vitamin E to eyelashes is to make the eyelashes thicker, but the effect of applying vitamin E is not particularl..
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