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aris 05 May 0 255
Today, I will talk about a frequently asked question "Can pregnant women have eyelashes grafted?"I believe that many pregnant mothers or eyelash artists are very worried about the harm to the pregnant..
07 Sep 0 253
Many beauty-loving female friends want to have thick eyelashes, coupled with fan-fluttering big eyes, I have to say that being a "eyelash " is really a big beauty bonus. But in real life, the situatio..
20 Oct 0 252
Do you know the precautions after eyelash grafting?1. First of all, do not apply eye makeup before grafting eyelashes, because the glue will not stick to oily substances.  2. Secondly, after grafting ..
allen 08 Dec 0 240
How to make your false eyelashes look natural and realistic?False eyelashes are a very important cosmetic, it will make your eyes look more spiritual. But there will always be people who refuse to use..
26 Aug 0 239
I often hear some girls say that their own eyelashes have also dropped after grafting them! Hurt eyelashes!So does grafting of eyelashes really make your own eyelashes fall off?Regardless of whether e..
05 Aug 0 238
After finishing the eyelash grafting, some precautions need to be reminded.01After grafting...Please avoid washing your face, bathing and using saunas and other steam, hot and humid environments withi..
10 Aug 0 236
When drawing eyelashes, it is not good every time, maybe you still lack some makeup skills. Tip 1: Bending the eyelash brush is actually better. After bending the mascara brush and turning it 90 degre..
24 Aug 0 228
Washing false eyelashes is definitely a technical task. I have washed countless pairs of false eyelashes. I either bend the eyelash rod or tear off the false eyelashes... How can I easily and quickly ..
aris 12 Apr 0 227
The  great benefits of grafting diy eyelash extension, did you know?It’s already 2021. Does anyone know what diy eyelash extension is? One time extension of eyelashes can save you a lot of time withou..
19 Aug 0 223
Regarding the maintenance of the face, we always focus our attention on the skin or hair, and often overlook some of the finishing touches, such as the maintenance of eyelashes. Eyelashes, which are t..
05 Sep 0 221
 Hello everyone! What kind of makeup is the greatest invention in the world? In my view, it is false eyelashes! It is understood that as early as the ancient Egyptian era, mankind invented false eyela..
allen 29 Nov 0 221
What kind of false eyelashes are your favourite?To judge the quality of a false eyelash, first of all, its material has a large scoring standard. The material of good false eyelashes is comparable to ..
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