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24 Aug 0 117
Washing false eyelashes is definitely a technical task. I have washed countless pairs of false eyelashes. I either bend the eyelash rod or tear off the false eyelashes... How can I easily and quickly ..
05 Sep 0 117
 Hello everyone! What kind of makeup is the greatest invention in the world? In my view, it is false eyelashes! It is understood that as early as the ancient Egyptian era, mankind invented false eyela..
allen 19 Nov 0 114
Many women who love beauty hope that they have perfect eyelashes. A suitable pair of false eyelashes is easier to change the impression of makeup than mascara, achieving the effect of emphasizing eye ..
aris 24 Jan 0 113
It is said that the eyes are the most attractive facial features, which can determine the first impression. The focus of eye makeup is the eyelashes except for the double eyelids.It is not difficult t..
25 Aug 0 104
Vitamin E is usually ineffective when applied to eyelashes.The main purpose of applying vitamin E to eyelashes is to make the eyelashes thicker, but the effect of applying vitamin E is not particularl..
allen 04 Jan 0 104
Beauty eyelashes, grafting eyelashes. It is an emerging project that can make women’s eyelashes look long and curled without makeup. As a result, the beauty of eyelashes is slowly being known to every..
04 Nov 0 96
I don't know if you have noticed that the female friends around did not brush mascara, did not stick false eyelashes, eyelashes are still long and warped? I am grafting by myself all the years at home..
yolanda 19 Feb 0 87
The color eyeliner is for gradientIt is necessary to have layers to be a person, but the layering of eye makeup is always difficult, but you certainly can't think that it is too simple to play with la..
yolanda 17 Mar 0 86
Every girl dreams of having thick eyelashes, but removing false eyelashes is also a technical problem. How to remove eyelashes at home? The following content can help youThe first method: 1. Put the c..
aris 24 Feb 0 63
Big eyes are a major aesthetic trend nowadays. Many people want to make big eyes. Some use surgery and some do double eyelids. In fact, it doesn't have to be so troublesome. Using beautiful eyelashes ..
yolanda 02 Apr 0 27
 Lankiz Easter Mega Sale 2021 is happening! From April 3rd to April 7th, all products will enjoy a 30% discount,You really do not want to miss this out!Small activities suitable for Easter:For paintin..
aris 12 Apr 0 9
The  great benefits of grafting diy eyelash extension, did you know?It’s already 2021. Does anyone know what diy eyelash extension is? One time extension of eyelashes can save you a lot of time withou..
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