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aris 21 Dec 0 139
 1. Remove eye makeup first. Use a mild makeup remover to remove mascara and eyeliner to help you see the natural eyelashes clearly when grafting. 2. Facial absorption of steam: hot steam is good for ..
03 Sep 0 138
Many people want long and thick eyelashes. It is said that olive oil has this effect! So can olive oil grow eyelashes? What is the effect? ​​Let's take a look!Can olive oil grow eyelashes?Yes, olive o..
yolanda 20 Jan 0 136
The craze for eyelashes is becoming more and more prosperous. For eyelash artists who are new to eyelash circles and babies who want to make eyelashes, there are many points worth noting.1. First of a..
19 Aug 0 134
Regarding the maintenance of the face, we always focus our attention on the skin or hair, and often overlook some of the finishing touches, such as the maintenance of eyelashes. Eyelashes, which are t..
allen 29 Nov 0 131
What kind of false eyelashes are your favourite?To judge the quality of a false eyelash, first of all, its material has a large scoring standard. The material of good false eyelashes is comparable to ..
22 Aug 0 129
Many people have such troubles that They watched 100 makeup bloggers’ makeup videos and followed them down carefully step by step, but they still can’t get a simple makeup look. There are still many p..
20 Oct 0 128
Do you know the precautions after eyelash grafting?1. First of all, do not apply eye makeup before grafting eyelashes, because the glue will not stick to oily substances.  2. Secondly, after grafting ..
yolanda 29 Jan 0 127
The biological enzyme "EPM" contained in the eyelash growth fluid is composed of 10 amino acids, which is a part of the human tissue protein, which can produce hair cells and form tissues, and at the ..
allen 08 Dec 0 124
How to make your false eyelashes look natural and realistic?False eyelashes are a very important cosmetic, it will make your eyes look more spiritual. But there will always be people who refuse to use..
aris 18 Jan 2 123
DIY eyelash extension steps①Prepare toolsA makeup mirror is easy to see the eyelashes up close, and the magnification effect is better.Elbow tweezers or pointed tweezersOne ring is used to hold glue. ..
allen 05 Dec 0 121
The role of false eyelashes should not be underestimated, it will make your makeup look more delicate, and the whole person's mental state will be very full. So how to choose the false eyelashes that ..
28 Oct 0 120
The correct way to use mascaraMascara is no stranger to many girls, but do you really know the correct way to use it? How to use mascara to make your eyelashes more curly and don't look stiff? If you ..
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