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01 Sep 0 185
Recently, I found that many fashionable girls around me are the best activity for dating a girlfriend, and they gradually changed from nails to eyelashes~ Thick eyelashes can really magnify the eyes, ..
06 Aug 0 171
Kardashian and Kanye, a well-known local gold couple, are really together like Siamese babies on all occasions, and Kanye really loves her to the bone. Of course such a sexy Kardashian has a husband w..
16 Sep 0 170
Halloween is coming soon, and many friends will go to party with friends or companies. In addition to paying attention to your own fashion, there is also makeup. However, eyes are often the second win..
28 Jul 0 166
The long, curly &dark eyelashes can make their appearance soar. Many girls who love beauty choose to go to the beauty salon to graft their eyelashes. The shelf life is generally about 1 month, and the..
allen 14 Dec 0 160
While eyelash grafting can save you a lot of time for applying makeup and keep you praised for your dreamy, vibrant eyes, for many people, it's easy to confuse whether regular eyelashes transplants ca..
07 Sep 0 158
Many beauty-loving female friends want to have thick eyelashes, coupled with fan-fluttering big eyes, I have to say that being a "eyelash " is really a big beauty bonus. But in real life, the situatio..
yolanda 12 Jan 0 150
Beautiful eyelashes, also known as eyelash extensions, are a new item that stands out in the overall image design. The perfect makeup must be eye-catching, that is, eyelash extensions.A famous Hollywo..
05 Aug 0 149
After finishing the eyelash grafting, some precautions need to be reminded.01After grafting...Please avoid washing your face, bathing and using saunas and other steam, hot and humid environments withi..
10 Aug 0 148
When drawing eyelashes, it is not good every time, maybe you still lack some makeup skills. Tip 1: Bending the eyelash brush is actually better. After bending the mascara brush and turning it 90 degre..
26 Aug 0 145
I often hear some girls say that their own eyelashes have also dropped after grafting them! Hurt eyelashes!So does grafting of eyelashes really make your own eyelashes fall off?Regardless of whether e..
04 Aug 0 142
What are the differences between eyelash grafting and eyelash planting? Which one is more advantageous!Every girl wants to have a pair of long eyelashes, with beautiful eyes, let alone how attractive ..
allen 25 Nov 0 140
Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more important to women these days. Having Long, bushy eyelashes is something that most women would kill for. Now this luxury because of the emergence of eyela..
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