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aris 21 Dec 0 297
 1. Remove eye makeup first. Use a mild makeup remover to remove mascara and eyeliner to help you see the natural eyelashes clearly when grafting. 2. Facial absorption of steam: hot steam is good for ..
aris 17 Mar 0 291
Every girl dreams of having thick eyelashes, but removing false eyelashes is also a technical problem. How to remove eyelashes at home? The following content can help youThe first method: 1. Put the c..
aris 14 Apr 0 279
Because you can use different styling eyelashes to get hybrid lash extensions, you can freely choose the style you want, and you can decide the length, density, thickness, and color of the entire eyel..
aris 28 May 0 275
Not everyone has thick, attractive eyelashes. At this time, false eyelashes come in handy. Let us put aside the various false eyelashes on the market, learn about them from the false eyelashes themsel..
yolanda 12 Jan 0 274
Beautiful eyelashes, also known as eyelash extensions, are a new item that stands out in the overall image design. The perfect makeup must be eye-catching, that is, eyelash extensions.A famous Hollywo..
01 Sep 0 265
Recently, I found that many fashionable girls around me are the best activity for dating a girlfriend, and they gradually changed from nails to eyelashes~ Thick eyelashes can really magnify the eyes, ..
aris 24 Feb 0 258
Big eyes are a major aesthetic trend nowadays. Many people want to make big eyes. Some use surgery and some do double eyelids. In fact, it doesn't have to be so troublesome. Using beautiful eyelashes ..
allen 25 Nov 0 250
Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more important to women these days. Having Long, bushy eyelashes is something that most women would kill for. Now this luxury because of the emergence of eyela..
28 Jul 0 245
The long, curly &dark eyelashes can make their appearance soar. Many girls who love beauty choose to go to the beauty salon to graft their eyelashes. The shelf life is generally about 1 month, and the..
yolanda 29 Jan 0 243
The biological enzyme "EPM" contained in the eyelash growth fluid is composed of 10 amino acids, which is a part of the human tissue protein, which can produce hair cells and form tissues, and at the ..
allen 14 Dec 0 233
While eyelash grafting can save you a lot of time for applying makeup and keep you praised for your dreamy, vibrant eyes, for many people, it's easy to confuse whether regular eyelashes transplants ca..
yolanda 20 Jan 0 231
The craze for eyelashes is becoming more and more prosperous. For eyelash artists who are new to eyelash circles and babies who want to make eyelashes, there are many points worth noting.1. First of a..
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