It is said that the eyes are the most attractive facial features, which can determine the first impression. The focus of eye makeup is the eyelashes except for the double eyelids.

It is not difficult to see that the criterion for successful application of false eyelashes is: no degumming at both ends, integration with real eyelashes, and no whiteness. But we always encounter various problems when applying eyelashes. How should we solve them?

Q1: How to fix false eyelashes always degumming?

Due to frequent eye movements, no matter how skilled makeup artists are, they will encounter this situation. We have two solutions.

1. Divide into two when applying glue to false eyelashes. For the first time, apply a layer of glue all over, wait until the glue dries a little bit to about 30%, and then apply a thick layer on the inner part, the end of the eye and the middle of the false eyelashes. Then wait until the glue on the false eyelashes dries a little, and then apply the glue to the root of the eyelashes when the glue is fixed on the false eyelash stem. This will be much stronger!

2. Carry eyelash glue and tweezers with you to make up at any time.

Q2: One stick of false eyelashes actually suppressed the eyes?

In fact, the position of the glue is not applied correctly~

When applying glue on the false eyelashes with your hands, apply the glue on the middle of the eyelash stalk, not on the lower edge of the eyelash stalk, so that the false eyelashes will naturally be raised when you paste it so that the eyes will not be pressed!

Q3: Wearing false eyelashes is a bit harsh on the eyes?

Some makeup artists may say that I have trimmed the false eyelashes to the length of my eyes. Why is it still uncomfortable?

It should be noted that when we trim the length, do not cut the false eyelashes diagonally. The false eyelashes that are trimmed diagonally have a sharp point ∠. If the scissors and the false eyelashes are trimmed vertically, they will not pierce the eyes!

Let's take a look at the whole process of applying false eyelashes! With the following method plus the tips just taught, putting on false eyelashes becomes so easy!


After drawing the eyeliner, first curl the eyelashes themselves, and then compare the length of the eyes with false eyelashes.


Use scissors to make a suitable length, leaving a little distance between the eye ends, and be careful not to cut into sharp corners.


Pinch both ends of the false eyelashes with your hands and bend them into a semicircle to make the false eyelashes more in line with the curvature of the eye and fit more closely.


Apply false eyelash glue, the tips are written on it~ It should be noted that you must wait 30 seconds-1 minute for the second layer and paste. Only in this way can it stick more firmly.


Use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes, start sticking from the middle part, and look down naturally. This is also convenient for adjustment. Make sure to leave a little space on the eyelids and stick them tightly against the roots of the eyelashes.


When sticking to the head and tail of the eye, use tweezers or a partial eyelash curler to clamp the root of the eyelashes for pasting, and then push the eyelashes upward. Not only can the eyelashes be curled up, but also double eyelids or folds can be stretched out, and it is better to put on beautiful eye stickers~


After the eyelashes are completely glued, if there is obvious delamination, first clamp it, and then use mascara to overlap the real and fake eyelashes.


Finally, check if the eyelash roots are exposed or layered, and then use an eyeliner pen/liquid eyeliner pen to fill in the traces of glue, and fill the inner eyeliner~ This will look more natural!