Any organ of the body is very important to us, and any organ plays an irreplaceable role. Classic eyelash extension are also very important. They can make our eyes look more radiant.

But in daily life, many people often trichiasis, which makes them feel very distressed. Trichiasis not only seriously affects daily life, but also very unsightly. What to do with trichiasis, let's take a look!


1. What to do if  trichiasis

1. Use tweezers

First, you need to prepare a pair of eyelash tweezers, and then aim at the eyelashes, and then pull it out along the direction of its growth. The operation of this method is very simple, and there will be no sequelae. However, this method will be more painful, and there is no way to cure the trichiasis phenomenon. According to its growth cycle, it will be removed once a month.


2. Use scissors

Prepare a relatively small pair of scissors, then align the trichiasis, and then cut it off. Because the scissors are very sharp, you must be careful in the process of cutting, otherwise you will easily hurt your eyes. However, the operation of this method is relatively simple, and there is no pain. However, this method also has certain drawbacks, that is, the eyelashes will re-grow after a while, so it is necessary to cut once about half a month.

3. Electric burning method

The electric burning method may sound unfamiliar to everyone, but the operation method is also relatively simple. First of all, you can use electric heating to destroy the roots of the eyelashes, so as to prevent them from growing again. The advantage of this method is that it can effectively eliminate the troubles of trichiasis, but the disadvantage is that there is no way to accurately destroy the hair roots, so it is easy to damage the surrounding normal eyelashes, and it is easy to cause trichiasis in another place.

4. Laser

Usually, lasers can be used to effectively destroy eyelashes, which can also eradicate trichiasis. However, one drawback of this method is that it needs to be performed two to three times, the cost is also high, and some side effects are easy to occur.

5. Surgical resection

Usually, surgery can also help everyone effectively get rid of the trouble of trichiasis, but this method is more suitable for localized trichiasis. If the scope is large, the outward direction of the eyelid margin needs to be reversed before the operation can be performed, and there are some risks in the operation.

Second, the harm of trichiasis

1. Prone to conjunctival inflammation

Usually, if trichiasis occurs, it is easy to cause our conjunctiva to be irritated, leading to tears and increased secretions in the eyes. If you can't help rubbing your eyes with your hands, it will easily cause bacteria to enter your eyes and cause inflammation of the conjunctiva.

2. Damage to the cornea

Once trichiasis, it will often irritate our cornea, which can easily cause the corneal epithelium to fall off, which may affect vision, and in serious cases, it may even lead to blindness.

Through the above detailed introduction, this article can help everyone.