What kind of false eyelashes are your favourite?

To judge the quality of a false eyelash, first of all, its material has a large scoring standard. The material of good false eyelashes is comparable to real eyelashes, so what kind of material is good?

False eyelashes mainly include animal hair and artificial hair:

1.Animal hair

Simply put, animal hair is the hair extracted from animals made into false eyelashes. Compared to fibre eyelashes, it is messier, but because it is hair extracted from animals, it is very similar to the human body's own hair. With a little grease and gloss.

Different animal hair has different stiffness and water resistance.:

Mink hair comes with natural curling, which is very close to our real eyelashes, but the curling degree will decrease when exposed to water;

Horsehair is relatively stiff and has a good waterproof effect, but its softness is slightly weaker.;

Fox fur and bird fur are mostly used in stage performances, often used to modify those exaggerated eye makeup.

2.Artificial wool

Synthetic eyelashes are the most commonly used false eyelashes, which are made of synthetic and woven synthetic fibres. Its hair is slightly heavier, and it is easy to collapse its own eyelashes after applying makeup.

Protein fibre synthetic false eyelashes are much softer than synthetic fibre false eyelashes, have a certain degree of curl and shape, are light in the material, and will not crush their own eyelashes. Fibre eyelashes are relatively weak in water absorption, so they are not easily deformed when exposed to water. When it is scorched, it will give off a plastic smell, and then it will form a hard small block.

When choosing fibre eyelashes, it is also necessary to know whether its hair is sharpened. Sharpened false eyelashes give a higher degree of sophistication and simulation, while the ones that are not sharpened seem to be cut off.