What are the differences between eyelash grafting and eyelash planting? Which one is more advantageous!

Every girl wants to have a pair of long eyelashes, with beautiful eyes, let alone how attractive they look. The development of technology now also provides us with many ways to make our eyelashes more beautiful, but are these methods really so healthy? Today joy will give you a detailed analysis of the most common eyelash extensions and planting eyelashes. What are the differences, who has the advantage!

▲Technical differences

Most eyelashes planting claim that their technology is the most advanced and the survival rate is very high. In fact, eyelash planting itself requires surgery and requires a professional hospital with medical qualifications. Because this is definitely not something they can do by just watching the video a few times and learning a little theory, their operation is very dangerous.

Grafting eyelashes Grafting eyelashes is to use special glue to paste the artificial eyelashes on our natural eyelashes one by one, without any surgery, and there will be no wounds.

▲Risks in operation
Implanting eyelashes can cause a series of complications, such as nerve damage to the eye, infection and inflammation. Because implanting eyelashes is to implant hair follicles in the eyelids, surgery is necessary, which can easily damage the nerves of our eyes, and can easily cause infections and inflammation of our eyes.

Grafting eyelashes Grafting eyelashes does not require surgery, just paste it. It is naturally non-invasive, non-invasive, painless, and will not cause any infection or inflammation. At the same time, a good eyelash artist can make a better aesthetic effect than planting eyelashes.

▲Uneven or missing eyelashes

The survival rate of planted eyelashes is relatively low. Many people now report that they have grown 5-6 eyelashes in three months after planting eyelashes. This shows that the survival rate of eyelashes is relatively low. The low survival rate of eyelashes will cause part of the planted eyelashes to grow out and part of them not to grow out. This way our eyelashes will be irregular and notched. One operation may not meet your needs.

This is not the case with grafted eyelashes. Each eyelash is a professionally trained eyelash artist who carefully pastes on the normal eyelashes one by one. A good eyelash artist will never allow uneven eyelashes. , The missing situation occurred.

▲The harm of trichiasis

After planting eyelashes, trichiasis is more serious. Trichiasis refers to the growth of eyelashes in the opposite direction, poking our eyes clear. Generally, our natural eyelashes are curled outwards, and trichiasis is rare. Because eyelashes are implanted into other hair follicles, the direction of the hair follicles is not grasped when implanting, and the grown eyelashes are not in the same direction as our own eyelashes. Some even poke our own eyes directly, which causes our eyes to be very different. It is comfortable, and it can even cause inflammation. In addition, trichiasis will make our eyelashes very messy and completely lose the beauty of long eyelashes.

It is also impossible for eyelashes to be grafted. Eyelashes are pasted and grafted by eyelashes professionally, and they are pasted along the growth direction of normal eyelashes, which will never cause the terrible condition of trichiasis.

In summary, if you want to make eyelashes more beautiful, planting eyelashes is far less safe and reliable than eyelash grafting. The high price of planting surgery does not return a satisfactory and reliable effect. On the other hand, eyelash grafting is cheap and affordable, safe and reliable technical operations, The beautiful and moving effect is even more reassuring!