Vitamin E is usually ineffective when applied to eyelashes.

The main purpose of applying vitamin E to eyelashes is to make the eyelashes thicker, but the effect of applying vitamin E is not particularly ideal for most people. Vitamin E can play a certain antioxidant effect, can effectively resist free radicals, can delay aging, and has a moisturizing effect. It can improve local blood circulation and inhibit the production of melanin by subcutaneous melanocytes to a certain extent, thereby playing a certain whitening effect. . However, the effect of promoting hair growth is limited.

If you use it, it is recommended to choose vitamin e cream for application, do not use oral vitamin e capsules directly, because oral vitamin e preparations are not conducive to skin absorption. At the same time, it should be noted that people with chloasma around the eyes are not recommended to use vitamin E to avoid the deterioration of chloasma.