The growth cycle of eyelashes and the most suitable time for eyelash extensions

Understanding the structure of eyelashes will help eliminate customers’ concerns and better convey the charm of eyelashes. The eyelash growth cycle greatly affects the continuity of eyelash extensions.

☑ Eyelash growth cycle

Eyelash growth cycle refers to the cycle of alternate growth of eyelashes. The number and texture of eyelashes vary from person to person, and the growth cycle of eyelashes is the same. Eyelashes grow and fall off repeatedly. For example, it is not that the pores of the eyelashes that fell off today will grow back to grow new eyelashes tomorrow, but that new eyelashes will grow after a period of time has accumulated sufficient nutrition. While some pores are being cultivated, new eyelashes are grown from other pores, so the total number of lashes looks similar. Correctly understand the growth cycle of eyelashes and ask customers to explain clearly before grafting, you can avoid related problems caused by the growth cycle.

☑Eyelash related knowledge

Eyelashes protect the eyes from foreign objects and prevent dust from entering the cornea or conjunctiva.
The length of Japanese eyelashes is about 5~10mm, and the number of eyelashes varies from person to person. There are about 100~150 upper eyelashes and half of the lower eyelashes. Generally, 5 roots fall off naturally, and grow about 0.1~0.18mm every day.
The most active time for eyelash growth is PM10:00~AM2:00, which coincides with the period of strong hormone secretion. Maintaining adequate sleep during this period can promote the regeneration and growth of eyelashes.

☑ Knowledge about the growth cycle of eyelashes

A cycle of eyelash growth refers to a cycle from germination (initial growth period), extension period (growth period), period of cessation of growth (decay period), shedding to preparation for re-growth (rest period), etc.

☆Early growth
The period when growth begins in the skin
The lashes are slender and soft. Continue to grow afterwards. Avoid unusually growing eyelashes when lash extensions

☆Growth period
After the initial stage of growth, the process of stretching and thickening after reaching the skin surface
Started to have a hard backbone.  eyelashextensions at this time may change the shape of eyelashes after 2 to 3 weeks, so you must carefully consider whether to  do it.

☆Decline period
The period when eyelashes stop growing
The growth period stops to the decline period, which is the most suitable stage for eyelash extensions.

☆Rest period
After the eyelashes fall off to the preparation stage for re-growth
Eyelash extensions is easier to fall off during this period

△The growth cycle of hair is 3~6 years, while the growth cycle of eyelashes is 3 to 4 weeks, it does not extend continuously like hair, and it will stop when it grows to a certain extent.

△The relationship between eyelash growth cycle and eyelash extensions
When grafting eyelashes, pay special attention to the eyelash growth cycle. After entering the resting period, the eyelashes will fall off naturally like the hair. In this case, if false eyelashes are grafted and the customer does not understand the growth of the eyelashes, they may mistakenly think that the beauty of the eyelashes will cause the eyelashes to fall off, and the impression of the salon will be worse. Although it is a natural phenomenon of the human body, customers may misunderstand it, so the salon should make a full explanation.
In addition, very few customers feel that after removing the false eyelashes, the eyelashes as a whole are smaller and shorter than before. This may be because it is just in the resting period or early growth period of the eyelashes. It is also possible that hormonal disorder and excessive stress disrupt the growth cycle. A large amount of local eyelashes may fall off because of excessive pressure. Caused by physical discomfort.