The movements that can not do after grafting eyelashes ! You know that?

1. Rub your eyes

Touch the false eyelashes more times, the root is easier to curl up! Rubbing your eyes is equivalent to taking the initiative to let the grafted eyelashes fall off prematurely. In addition, it can also case false eyelashes wrap together, affecting aesthetic persistence.

2. Pull your eyelashes

It is not only affect your false eyelashes, will also hurt your own eyelashes. If the eyelash becomes weak, it is easy to break and fall off.

3. Lie down and sleep

Compared with other sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach, the chance of contact between your false eyelashes and bedding  are increased , your false eyelashes will become easy to fall off, and improper sleeping position may also lead to the growth direction of your own eyelashes become strange. People who are used to sleeping on their stomachs may be difficult to change their sleeping position, but please attention,not only for the false eyelashes,also for your own lashes.

4. Apply cotton for makeup removal

Dont use cotton to remove makeup after grafting eyelashes, cotton fiber will pull your false eyelashes, so try to avoid.