Beautiful eyelashes, also known as eyelash extensions, are a new item that stands out in the overall image design. The perfect makeup must be eye-catching, that is, eyelash extensions.

A famous Hollywood makeup artist once said that a womans face can be left untouched everywhere, but the eyelashes must be changed, "brows and eyebrows, eyebrows with autumn waves" and so on, we all associate women with big and energetic eyes. To long eyelashes, or feather-like eyelashes... In the past, women relied on applying eye mascara to make the eyes three-dimensional and must be waterproof, otherwise it would often dissolve around the eyes to form panda eyes or dark circles, in a very embarrassing state, and remove the eye mascara It is also very cumbersome.

So today, grafting eyelashes can make womens eyes have an immediate and beautiful effect. You dont need to apply mascara, you can have as long and curled eyelashes as you want. According to the shape of the eye, it can be designed to be distinct and perfect. Flawless, very realistic eyelashes, make the eyes bright and radiant immediately, without makeup, it can make the eyes bright and beautiful, and the pulse is emotional. Achieve vivid beauty, experience the joy of transformation

In 3100 BC, the ancient Egyptians used a mixture of crocodile feces, donkey liver and honey to coat eyelashes

In 1913, American chemist Williams invented a "magic wand" for eyelashes with toner and petroleum jelly in order to help his younger sister Meibao win her love. Second, Williams himself was inspired by this and founded the Maybelline brand

In 1914, makeup artist Max factor invented "crayon mascara", which can increase the effect of eyelashes by heating the mascara to make it drip onto the eyelashes In 1931, the first eyelash curler kurlash came out. This eyelash curler priced at $5 had to be used on each eye for 10 minutes to curl the eyelashes.

In 1938, Austrian dance and performer Helene Vierthaler Winterstein applied for a patent for what he claimed was "the first waterproof mascara." But this product containing 50 rosin can cause allergic reactions

In 1950, Maybelline scientists began to add beeswax, elastic fiber and other ingredients into the mascara brush head and was invented, and mascara began to enter the field of high-tech product development.

In 1957, Helena rubinstein introduced a tube of liquid mascara with a mascara brush In 1966, the British newspaper "the daily express" published a picture of twiggy wearing 6 sets of false eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids to increase the density of the eyelashes. Ladies began to imitate this trend and used these false eyelashes to dress themselves on certain occasions.

In 1998, a cosmetic technique introduced from abroad to China can make eyelashes thicker, grow, and warp. This is ---- eyelash grafting