Stop! ! You are  so fascinating Eyelash Elves ~
If you want to be a delicate girl, then have a charming long eyelashes bar first! !

1. Six major advantages of grafting eyelashes

More natural and vivid than false eyelashes

Avoid the pain of electric ironing eyelashes, and do not damage eyelashes

Avoid all the trouble and embarrassment of applying mascara

 Persistent non-falling

It can better protect eyes from dust, strong light and ULTRAVIOLET rays

Instantly and easily become a beautiful woman, eyelashes naturally curling, sending out charming charm

2.Move the bench, take notes

 Remove makeup and clean the root of eyelashes

 With tweezers, take off the end of the eyelashes, then take off the one third part of the eyelashes, and prepare to apply the glue

 Pour part of the glue into the ring and put it on your finger

Use eyelashes clamps to get the glue, then leave for 10 seconds to apply to the eye. Hold the eyelid with one hand and stick the false eyelashes with tweezers 2mm away from the root of the eyelashes. Be careful to stick the false eyelashes under your own lashes. Do not let the skin come into contact with the glue. Then let it dry for 10 seconds and finish the remaining lashes in the same way

Close your eyes for five minutes and wait for the glue to dry completely before opening them.