The correct way to use mascara

Mascara is no stranger to many girls, but do you really know the correct way to use it? How to use mascara to make your eyelashes more curly and don't look stiff? If you dont understand, come and learn!


mascara, eyelash brush, eyelash pliers

Correct steps:

1. Brush mascara from the root of the eyelash to the direction of the tip, the corner of the lashes should also be brushed, wipe off the outside mascara that brushed with cotton swabs slightly.

2. Brush the upper eyelashes first, then the lower eyelashes, and then the second time after drying.

3. When brushing the upper eyelashes, hold the eyelash brush horizontally and brush it from inside to outside, keeping the line of sight down and staying still.When brushing the lower eyelashes, the mirror is in a flat position, the chin is closed in, the horizontal brush or the vertical brush are all convenient.

4. The lashes that stick together can be combed with an eyelash comb. Use eyelash pliers to increase the curvature of the eyelashes before brushing mascara.

Tips for brushing mascara:

1. If feel wet and sticky after brushing mascara, use face paper to absorb excess mascara.

2. If you need a more clean makeup effect, the lower eyelashes do not need to brush mascara.

3. Eyelash brushes should be kept parallel as far as possible, avoiding the tip of the brush head to your own eyes, because this will not only make the eyelashes caking, but also very dangerous.

4. Do not brush mascara in the moving car.


Remove mascara every day, otherwise the eyelashes are in danger of breaking.Use mild cleaning fluid to thoroughly remove eye cosmetics.