Today, we have sorted out the nine most frequently asked questions and the best answers from customers, so that the answers can make customers trust you more, and rest assured that the beauty of eyelashes will be entrusted to you~


Q1: What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

Answer: There are many benefits of eyelash grafting. First of all, it lasts for a long time and is not easy to fall off. The second is convenience. After the eyelashes are grafted, you do not need to repeatedly paste false eyelashes, draw eyeliner, brush mascara, etc., let alone remove makeup every day. After grafting the eyelashes, you can go out with naked makeup, which is more natural than makeup, which also saves a lot of time for makeup and makeup removal. In addition, after eyelash grafting, you can see the changes of your own eyelashes as soon as you open your eyes. Thickness, slenderness, and curling are realized, making your eyes bigger, more flexible and more hydrated. Finally, because the eyelashes are grafted one by one, you can freely choose the style you want, and you can decide the length, density, thickness, and color of the entire eyelashes. We will also design your eyelash style according to your eye shape


Q2: Will grafting beautiful eyelashes hurt?

Answer: The process of grafting eyelashes is generally painless. Eyelash grafting is just sticking artificial eyelashes to your natural eyelashes one by one. It will not touch the eyelids or eyes. A very small number of people will have a slight itching sensation because their eyes are not closed or are sensitive, but not The feeling of pain. Many people now confuse planting eyelashes with grafting eyelashes. In fact, there is a big difference between planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes. Implanting eyelashes requires surgery, which is to implant our hair or other hair into our eyelids. Compared with planting eyelashes, grafting eyelashes is safer.


Q3: Are there other colors of eyelashes to choose from?

Answer: Of course there are other colors for false eyelashes! Society is becoming more and more open, women can boldly try other different colors of eyelashes, so false eyelashes are also available in purple, black, pink, and brown. These eyelashes should be mixed with our own black eyelashes, but our own eyelashes do not need to be dyed.


Q4: Can I apply mascara after eyelash extension?

Answer: The grafted eyelashes already have a thick curly and three-dimensional effect, which is more natural and beautiful than false eyelashes. The effect after coming out is not something that can be painted with mascara, so it is not recommended that you apply mascara. And mascara and makeup remover products will have a bad effect on the grafted eyelashes, so try not to use mascara. If you really want to apply mascara, be sure to choose a simple mascara product that can be removed with warm or clean water. Avoid using waterproof mascara, because such mascara needs to be removed with makeup remover. clean. In addition, when applying, you should try to avoid the roots of the eyelashes and start from the middle part of the eyelashes.


Q5: The eyelashes that I did before have the eyelashes fall off within a few days, why is this?

Answer: On the one hand, it may be that the glue or grafting technique of the eyelashes you made before. On the other hand, we have 3-5 natural eyelashes that fall off normally every day, but because the eyelashes are relatively small, you may ignore the lost eyelashes. The false eyelashes are pasted on your own long eyelashes when grafting. Therefore, when your own eyelashes fall off, the false eyelashes grafted on it will also fall off. This is normal. After the eyelash grafting, your attention to the eyelashes will increase, and the grafted eyelashes are thicker and darker than the natural eyelashes, so you often notice the eyelashes that fall off after the grafting, and mistakenly think that the eyelashes are falling more than before.


Q6: Can I touch the water after the eyelashes are grafted?

Answer: You can't touch the water at the root of your eyelashes within 8-12 hours. In addition, avoid contact with hot water and steam. When washing your face in the morning and evening in the future, do not splash water on your face as usual, avoid eye washing, and try not to touch your eyelashes or get water when you wipe it dry with a towel. Grafted eyelashes will reduce its adhesion after contact with oily cosmetics, so try to avoid using oily cosmetics. After grafting eyelashes, if removing makeup becomes inconvenient or unskilled, it is best to use a cotton swab containing makeup remover to assist in removing eye makeup


Q7: What should I do if the grafted eyelashes fall into the eyes?

Answer: You should rinse with normal saline in time, and rinse several times. If you still cannot rinse it out in the end, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.


Q8: How long can the grafted eyelashes last?

Answer: This is a question that every female friend who does eyelash extensions will think of. Even though eyelashes are always so short, they will grow and fall off at the same time. Usually when washing your face or rubbing the eyes of some MMs, the eyelashes will fall off. And the effect of eyelashes will weaken over time, so we will recommend customers to refill or remove them about 20 days after grafting