Even with the same style of false eyelashes, different colors give people different feelings! At present, the common false eyelashes on the market are black, brown, black and brown, etc. Please choose according to your preferences.


Emphasize makeup, first choice "black"

When attending weddings or banquets and other occasions that need to be dressed up, many people will put on gorgeous makeup. If the eyeshadow and eyeliner already exist, they can complement each other with black false eyelashes. However, because black itself has an accent effect, if you want to keep a low profile in your daily life, you can choose products with less obvious hair bundles.

"Brown" creates a soft and natural look

Brown false eyelashes can bring a gentle and pleasant feminine atmosphere, suitable for friends who like natural makeup. In addition to avoiding excessively exaggerated effects, it is also very suitable as a novice to try the style of false eyelashes for the first time! In addition, the short and small hair style can make the eyes look energetic and not easy to be noticed. It is especially recommended for daily use by students and office workers.


Enhance the texture of "black and brown color mixing"