Graft classic eyelash extension is slow, do you know the reason?

Many novice eyelash artists take a long time to graft eyelashes

The most important point is that because it does not divide lashes, most of the time is wasted on finding lashes and dividing hair, not sure what eyelashes can be grafted.

Today I will teach you a few tips:

1. When dividing the h, look at the roots of the eyelashes, don't look at the peaks and shafts. No matter how the customer's eyelashes are tilted, the roots of her eyelashes must be straight, which is easier to find.

2. Don't just use the left-hand splitting tweezers to split the lashes. The two tweezers cooperate to better peel off the eyelashes next to them and find the target easily.

3. The right-handed tweezers can gently lift the eyelashes from bottom to top, two tweezers one at a time, it is better to find the eyelashes, and the raised eyelashes are more three-dimensional and easy to graft.

4. Eyelash grafting must not have obvious stratification, it will look messy, try to graft in the middle two or three layers, first choose the thick eyelashes to graft, then the remaining short eyelashes are also clear.

Come try!!