Because you can use different styling eyelashes to get hybrid lash extensions, you can freely choose the style you want, and you can decide the length, density, thickness, and color of the entire eyelashes by yourself. Of course, if you want to keep it from falling off for a long time, you must choose a good glue.

Q1: What are the benefits of hybrid lash extensions?

Answer: The first is convenience. After the eyelashes are grafted, there is no need to repeatedly paste false eyelashes, draw eyeliner, brush mascara, etc., let alone remove makeup every day. After the eyelashes are grafted, you can go out with naked makeup, which is more natural than makeup and saves a lot of time for makeup and makeup removal. Also, after the eyelashes are grafted, you can see the changes of your own eyelashes as soon as you open your eyes. Thickness, slenderness, and curling are realized, and the eyes become larger, more flexible, and more hydrated.

Q2: Will grafting eyelashes hurt?

Answer: The process of grafting eyelashes generally does not feel anything. Eyelash grafting is just sticking artificial eyelashes to your natural eyelashes one by one, and will not touch the eyelids or eyes. A very small number of people will have a slight itching sensation because their eyes are not closed or are more sensitive, but not The feeling of pain. Many people now confuse eyelashes planting with grafting eyelashes. Implanting eyelashes involves surgery, which is to implant our hair or other hair into our eyelids. Compared with planting eyelashes, grafting eyelashes is safer.

Q3: Are there other colors of eyelashes to choose from?

Answer: Of course there are other colors to choose from for false eyelashes! Society is becoming more and more open, women can boldly try other different colors of eyelashes, so false eyelashes are also available in purple, black, pink, and brown. These eyelashes need to be mixed with our own black eyelashes, but our own eyelashes do not need to be dyed.

Q4: Can I still apply mascara after eyelash extension?

Answer: The grafted eyelashes already have a thick curly three-dimensional effect, which is more natural and beautiful than false eyelashes, so it is not recommended that you apply mascara. And mascara and makeup remover products will affect the life of the grafted eyelashes, so try not to use mascara.

Q5: If after a few days, I think the grafted eyelashes are not good-looking, how can I wash them off?

Answer: You can go to the eyelash salon, wash off your false eyelashes with a special syrup, and then apply some olive oil and eyelash extension liquid to promote the growth of the eyelashes.

Q6: The eyelashes that I have done before have the eyelashes fall off within a few days, why is this?

Answer: On the one hand, it may be that the glue or grafting technique of the eyelashes you made before. On the other hand, we have 3-5 natural eyelashes that fall off normally every day, but because the eyelashes are relatively small, you may ignore the lost eyelashes. The false eyelashes are pasted on your own long eyelashes when grafting. Therefore, when your own eyelashes fall off, the false eyelashes grafted on them will also fall off. This is normal.