While eyelash grafting can save you a lot of time for applying makeup and keep you praised for your dreamy, vibrant eyes, for many people, it's easy to confuse whether regular eyelashes transplants can damage real eyelashes. Can I still put on my eyes makeup after eyelashes extension? Can use discharge makeup product after all? A series of questions come up, so let's get to the puzzle together.

Q1: How to find the right eyelashes?

Pick the shape first, then choose the length and thickness. Different eyelashes can give different effects of the eye shape. It is better to refer to the collection of works before eyelashes are taken in, and pick out the shape you like, and then communicate with the eyelash technician on site. If you have the habit of wearing glasses on weekdays, you should consider the length of eyelashes and curl, so as not to get stuck in the lens.

Q2:Does it hurt the real eyelashes?

One true eyelash graft a false eyelash only, Just don't be overweight. Grafting eyelashes the most important principle is: a true eyelash graft a false eyelash only. Such ability won't cause true eyelash to break because of overweight, also cannot stick at eyelash root directly when be connected, leave the distance from about 0.5mm just won't stimulate hair follicle, cause sensitivity or hinder eyelash to grow.

Q3:How long does it last?

You need to make it up once a month or so. The lashes are attached to the real lashes, so they will fall off with the growth cycle of the lashes (about two months). It is normal to lose 3 to 4 lashes every day, and half of them will fall off after a month, so you can fill in the new lashes.

Q4How does the eye makeup after receiving eyelash wants to draw?

Eye shadow can be used as usual, eyeliner can be omitted. Actually, after receiving eyelash, do not affect to draw eye makeup, Just stick to your makeup routine. But because the eyelash will become very dense, there is the effect of invisible eyeliners, so you can skip the steps of the inner eyeliner, so that the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple, will not destroy the eyelash.

Q5How does discharge makeup just won't hurt drop to receive good eyelash?  

Choose makeup remover. The molecule of oil is small, easy to dissolve the glue that drops eyelash to stick place, cause eyelash to fall off prematurely, choose discharge makeup water won't worry about this. But the need to pay attention to be, when remove makeup to apply first, then rub off, remember not to rub back and forth, so you can easily remove eye makeup, also not afraid of damage to the eyelashes.

Will you feel more secure after reading the above content? Eyelashes extension are really a wonderful experience. The natural, long, curling and clear effect can satisfy all the imagination of eyelashes. However, its charm is not only that, in the face of every important moment. as long as it is there, even without makeup can make you look beautiful.