Beauty eyelashes, grafting eyelashes. It is an emerging project that can make women’s eyelashes look long and curled without makeup. As a result, the beauty of eyelashes is slowly being known to everyone, attracting many beauty-loving women to graft eyelashes. But, after all, eyelash extensions are made artificially. What harm will it do? Does it harm the human body?

1.The material problem of eyelash extension. Many beauty shops will say that their own eyelashes are made of animal fur such as mink and mink hair. Be careful, ladies! Most eyelash beauty products are made of fibrous eyelashes, made of silk protein fiber. The beauty eyelashes made of animal hair have hidden dangers in terms of hygiene and safety. Of eyelash products for you, be sure to distinguish carefully!

2.technical. Because the eyelashes are very close to the eyes, if the technician you choose is not technical enough, the grafting of eyelashes is to accurately graft each eyelash 0.5mm away from the natural eyelashes, and glue is used, so this is risky Yes, the glue can hurt your eyes if you are not careful.

3.After the eyelashes are grafted, the original eyelashes may fall off. It is quite normal for the eyelashes to fall off, but a lot of them are problematic.

Let's take a look at what are the benefits?

1.Beautiful eyelashes can make our eyes appear bigger and brighter, and can become electric eyes beauty without makeup.

2.Doing one-time beauty eyelashes allows us to apply eyelashes without worrying about it in a certain period of time! Some make-up handicapped parties can always paint the eyelashes like fly legs, or if they are too thick and look unnatural, then beauty eyelashes are very suitable. 

3.No need to attach false eyelashes anymore! Grafted eyelashes are more natural than false eyelashes, and the durability is not bad!

Everyone has the love of beauty, and everyone wants to show themselves beautifully in front of outsiders. So I started to embellish the things that are not good enough for me to make myself more beautiful

In this age of beauty, no one does not love beauty, but the limit of beauty should be based on one's own health, and one cannot sacrifice one's own health.