The craze for eyelashes is becoming more and more prosperous. For eyelash artists who are new to eyelash circles and babies who want to make eyelashes, there are many points worth noting.

1. First of all, we must choose products that suit our skin tone, face contour, and eye shape according to the advice of the eyelash artist.

2. Choose thick or thin eyelash materials according to the thickness and density of your eyelashes.

3. Check whether your eyelashes are healthy, and choose the number of eyelashes grafted according to the situation.

Eyelash beauty technology is the key There is a big difference between professional

1. eyelash shops and non-professional eyelash shops. Non-professional shops are all incidental projects. Employees have not been systematically trained and graded. Most of the skills are not good enough. The safety and comfort of the eyelashes produced are very poor. , Shoddy, tingling, uncomfortable, messy and easy to fall off, and great damage to their own eyelashes.

2. Even some eyelash artists will cause customers to cry due to improper operation during the operation, and feel tingling and discomfort. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional eyelash shop that has the skills.

Comfortable and beautiful is the key

1. Eyelash beautification is a relaxing and pleasant service. Most customers can go to sleep, and the eyelash beautification has been completed when they wake up without any discomfort.

2. After the eyelashes are beautiful, they are perfect regardless of whether they are seen from far or near. The roots are distinct, no trace of grafting can be seen, and it can be faked.

3. There is no need to apply mascara, eyeliner, etc. after eyelashes, so that big eyes become more energetic and small eyes become bigger, making your eyes more expressive. Doing these can be regarded as a truly comfortable eyelashes

Firm and durable

1. In the process of eyelash beautification, the eyelash technician needs to add the length of the eyelashes according to the customer's own choice of eyelashes to achieve reasonable beauty and firmness.

2. After the eyelashes are beautiful, the eyelashes have clear lines and are completely free of confusion. No obvious grafting marks can be seen, so that they can be durable and firm.

Eyelash care needs to know

1. The daily care after eyelashes is very simple. You don't need to scrub with towels, just close your eyes and gently wash down with your hands.

2. Try not to apply oily cosmetics to the eyelashes. Oily substances will decompose the eyelash adhesive and accelerate the metabolism of eyelashes.

3. Don't pull the eyelashes by yourself. This will damage your real eyelashes. It is best to go to the store to remove them by professionals. 

As a person who enjoys eyelash beauty, only by reaching all the above points can it be considered a great eyelash beauty experience. As for the eyelash artist, only by striving for perfection from pre-sale to after-sale can he grow into an excellent eyelash artist! If you love it, it's art