Many people want long and thick eyelashes. It is said that olive oil has this effect! So can olive oil grow eyelashes? What is the effect? ​​Let's take a look!

Can olive oil grow eyelashes?

Yes, olive oil can not only grow eyelashes, but also make eyelashes thicker!

The vitamins and various minerals contained in olive oil are all effective ingredients that can promote the re-growth of eyelashes. However, the eye skin is extremely sensitive, so if you use it on your eyelashes, pay attention to the amount to avoid fat particles.

It is also important to note that the olive oil (virgin olive oil) used is different from the one used for beauty and skin care. The olive oil used cannot be directly applied to the body or hair.

  Method: Before going to bed every night, gently brush the lashes with olive oil. Do not brush on the roots of the eyelashes and eyelids, otherwise it may cause fat particles.

  Will your eyelashes grow when you apply olive oil?


   Yes, but the effect varies from person to person!

Olive oil can be used to apply eyelashes, but the effect is not obvious. You can add vc to it. You can buy vc capsules in drugstores. Mix them together and apply cotton swabs to the roots of the eyelashes. Be careful not to apply it to the eyelids. , Otherwise there will be fat particles~


  Olive oil can make eyelashes grow for the shortest period of about two to three months.


  Other ways to grow eyelashes:

   1, castor oil or olive oil at night, rubbed with an oil, can promote the growth of eyelashes, thick. This is an ancient method, the effect is slow, but true. In addition, adding lemon peel shards in a small oil bottle and rubbing it daily can make eyelashes more beautiful.

  2. Liquid protein is a supplementary food. It can be applied every night to increase the strength and length of eyelashes.

  3. Vaseline rubbed every night and morning can help prevent or correct broken eyelashes.

    4. Vitamin D Cut a vitamin D capsule every night, pat it on the eyes, face and eyelashes, and use it for 3 months, which can produce obvious results.