Recently, I found that many fashionable girls around me are the best activity for dating a girlfriend, and they gradually changed from nails to eyelashes~


Thick eyelashes can really magnify the eyes, and the distinct upturned eyelashes not only make the eyes energetic, but also enhance the contour of the eye.


Recently, the little girls around are complaining that their eyelashes are too short, and they have expressed their desire to eyelash extension . Now eyelashes are indeed becoming more and more common! But before deciding to grow eyelashes, there are some things to know!

Part1: Those little knowledge about eyelashes


Shape selection is very important

Those who have fallen eyelashes, remember not to choose too curly eyelashes, otherwise the layering is not only unnatural but also embarrassing. And the thinner eyelashes are not only lighter and better, but also more natural. For different dressing styles, you can choose the eyelash grafting shape that suits you according to the picture below. The one that fits is the best.


Wash eyelashes before grafting

Make sure that there are no cosmetics or oily substances on your eyelashes. This is an indispensable procedure for grafting eyelashes, because the glue will stick to the clean eyelashes more firmly.


We all hope that the beautiful long street hair stays on our eyes longer, so doing eye cleansing before departure is also a trick to eyelashes.

Excessive thickness will cause burden on eyelashes

Too thick and heavy will put a heavier burden on the eyelashes, and the long-lasting effect cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that beautiful women graft their eyelashes according to their own condition, and don't pursue too thick.


Part2: Conservation of eyelashes

How to maintain the grafted eyelashes? At present, eyelash extensions range from hundreds to thousands. If they only last for more than ten days, it will not only take time and effort, but also waste money.

Avoid contact with water

After each grafting, whether it is re-grafting or repairing eyelashes, avoid contact with water for three hours. This also means do not wash your hair or shower within three hours after grafting your eyelashes, or avoid showering.


Avoid contact with water vapor

After grafting eyelashes, avoid contact with water vapor for 48 hours. Do not do saunas, yoga, or sports that are prone to sweating.

Avoid using waterproof cosmetics

Avoid using waterproof cosmetics, especially waterproof mascara. Because it will definitely break the glue, the grafted eyelashes will fall off early.

Avoid pulling eyelashes

If your eyelashes become crisscross and very messy, remember not to pull your eyelashes with your hands. Otherwise, not only the grafted eyelashes will be pulled off, but the natural eyelashes will also be pulled off by you. It is recommended to use an eyelash brush to carefully comb your eyelashes from the root to the tail.

Reduce makeup

The less makeup is applied, the fewer times the eyelashes are touched, the less the eyelashes fall off, the more eyelashes will be retained, and the longer the eyelashes will last.


Use professional eyelash cleaner

Lankiz lash shampoo can effectively remove dust from eyelashes, cleanse oil stains on eyelashes, and promote rapid growth of eyelashes. The natural plant glue that comes with it can make the grafted eyelashes firmer and straighter.

Part3: The harm of eyelashes

Although growing eyelashes can brighten your face a lot, it does not mean that growing eyelashes is profitable and harmless. In fact, growing eyelashes also has certain risks.

Animal hair infection

Eyelashes used in grafting. Some eyelashes are processed from animal hair. They are not thoroughly disinfected, which can easily affect the health of the eyes and cause red and swollen eyes. Lankiz lashes uses high-end chemical fiber materials, which are soft, light and durable.


Glue damage

The glue used when grafting eyelashes also has many hidden dangers. Many businesses or salons use strong glue, and the glue components are extremely harmful to the eyes. Of course, the advantage is stronger. It is recommended for people with sensitive eyes to use home pro glue without irritation.