Kardashian and Kanye, a well-known local gold couple, are really together like Siamese babies on all occasions, and Kanye really loves her to the bone. Of course such a sexy Kardashian has a husband who controls her secretl.

   The previous wedding of the two people was really eye-opening. In addition to the wedding venue and arrangement costs, the weight loss process of the bride Kardashian was also quite a sensation.

   And Kardashian and Kanye explained everything with their show love street shooting, fancy dog ​​abuse is anytime, anywhere.

   But sexy Kardashian long wavy curly hair, thick curled false eyelashes, jet black eyeliner and sexy red lips are also super sexy. Today, I will check 7 secrets of Kardashian makeup.

  1/Exaggerated eyelashes

   Thick and curled eyelashes seem to have become a sign of Kardashian. Although it must be false eyelashes in terms of curling degree, you need to learn about thick and natural eyelash makeup. Remember, thick and curled false eyelashes must be matched with thicker eye makeup. If you want to follow suit, you might as well start with Party makeup. 


    2/perfect trim

   I don’t know if you have seen Kardashian share her trimming steps on INS before, and her makeup is essential for daily or party trimming. During the operation, the shadow parts are hit on both sides of the forehead, under the cheekbones, and the contour line of the chin, while the highlight parts are hit on the forehead, chin, bridge of the nose and apple muscles.

  3/Sexy lips

    Of course Kardashian’s sexy lips and her flaming red lips, in fact, if your lips are not born with that kind of sexy lips, you can draw them with lipstick. Prepare a lip brush and lip liner during operation, first use the lip liner to draw the outline, and then use the lip brush to fill the lips. 


   4/ bronze skin

   Kardashian, who often goes to the beach on vacation, never shy away from exposing her skin. Hollywood stars often like to tan herself on vacation. Kardashian is one of them. Her sexy charm lies in her beautiful bronze skin. It should be noted here that the bronzed skin is not made without sunburn, but made by applying tanning products and then sunburning.

   5/ charming big wave

   Like many Hollywood stars, Kardashian also loves her hair very much. Generally speaking, her style is divided into sides and then rolled into a big wave with the largest arc with an electric rolling rod, and then shaped into a shape. This will make her look doubled and more sexy.


   6/big smoky eye makeup

  Whether it is a vacation by the sea, a street shot, or is about to be on the Hollywood red carpet, Kardashian's eye makeup is always big and smoky. She is also a big fan of smoky makeup. Observe carefully that her smoky makeup pays more attention to layering and color matching. You can follow suit.


  7/Filter retouching

   Of course, the most important point is that every photo of Kardashian is superimposed through filters and retouching on INS. This is why her photos look perfect even in the middle of the night or in a tired state.