1. Remove eye makeup first. Use a mild makeup remover to remove mascara and eyeliner to help you see the natural eyelashes clearly when grafting.

 2. Facial absorption of steam: hot steam is good for loosening false eyelashes. You can heat a bowl of water in a microwave oven. The temperature of the hot water should be enough to produce steam. Face the bowl, wrap a towel around your head, and keep the surrounding steam near your face. You can also apply facial steamer or hot towel to remove eyelashes better.


  3. Soak the cotton swab with olive oil, make sure the cotton swab is completely soaked, and then wipe the roots of the eyelashes with a cotton ball, taking care not to get the eyes. Keep rubbing the eyelashes until all the false eyelashes fall off.


   4. Wash the eyelashes. Pour warm water on the eyelashes and rinse off the olive oil. You can also use a facial cleanser to gently remove residual olive oil from the eyes.


  How to remove eyelash extensions: eyelash extension cleanser & glue remover