The role of false eyelashes should not be underestimated, it will make your makeup look more delicate, and the whole person's mental state will be very full. So how to choose the false eyelashes that suit you?

Type 1-Semicircular Smiling Eye

Smiling and squinting eyes all the time looks a bit like a kind old lady? False eyelashes with an elongated tail or cross-net design are the best helper for rejuvenation and youthfulness. The elongated eye shape can increase the charming feeling, and the naturally thick intertwined eyelashes can make the eyes look full of agility, making you never look old no matter how you laugh.

Type 2-watery small round eyes

Think small and round eyes are too innocent and unconvincing? Pick a pair of twisted false eyelashes with a long tail for yourself to make the round eyes naturally streamlined. If your puffy round eyes are so big, then the short and curled false eyelash style is best for you.

Type 3-Deep Double Eyelid

Girls with double eyelids always have an advantage in make-up. At this time, it is the most scheming to choose fake eyelashes with transparent roots, and 100% compliant false eyelashes are the masters of disguise. In addition, when the double eyelids are opened, there will not be any signs of eyelids pinching out. It is best to choose transparent glue to stick to the roots of the eyelashes when fitting.

Type 4-Retro Danfeng Eye