The color eyeliner is for gradient

It is necessary to have layers to be a person, but the layering of eye makeup is always difficult, but you certainly can't think that it is too simple to play with layers of colored eyelashes. Just pick an eyeliner one shade darker than the mascara. For example, use a dark green eyeliner or powder eyeliner for green mascara. There will be a beautiful transition from eye shadow to eyelashes.


Choose orange for lip color

Since the eye makeup is dazzling enough, the lip color should be as light as possible, just choose orange, but not very strong orange. Basically blue and orange are in line with current trends.

The brighter the eyes, the more dazzling colors

Color mascara is the most taboo for the black eye area. Brighten the base makeup around the eyes, whiter, or brighten the T zone. The effect will make your makeup clean, but the color is outstanding.


No more red

I can tell you responsibly that if it is not for special makeup and filming, red mascara is used with caution in daily life. It will not only make big eyes smaller, but also look very strange. Some people also like to add cosmetic contact lenses for better results. Scary, the slightly better one is wine red, but the eyeliner must be balanced with black.


Use whatever color your skin is

Brown colored mascara is really not suitable for dark yellow skin. If there are many blemishes on the face, it is best not to choose blue, because it is a contrasting color with the skin, but you can use green because it contains yellow, the closer it is to the skin The color will make the makeup look fresh. The two colors of blue and purple will turn blue when applied to the skin of yellow people because they contain yellow. Remember to use whatever color the skin is, and the color collision is the point and face collision.