The long, curly &dark eyelashes can make their appearance soar. Many girls who love beauty choose to go to the beauty salon to graft their eyelashes. The shelf life is generally about 1 month, and the cost is relatively expensive. .


 If you purchase a set of grafting tools by yourself, about 100 USD and learn new skills, then  how to graft your own eyelashes ? Learn together.


  01 ▌tools/raw materials

  A set of eyelash grafting tools (glue, tweezers, eyelashes,AIR- blow ball, eyelash brush,under eyepads, lash shampoo etc.)

 lashes (material and length according to your needs)

  02 Novice recommendation

  Tray ring:

   Novice volume/individual lashes: (optional, is faster and more easy than a single lash.

   Home pro lash glue: A bottle is enough for yourself for few times. (You need to open your eyes to operate. It is really important to have no irritation and not smoke on your eyelashes. No irritation generally means slow drying, but I think it’s important!I recommend you use Home pro glue,it slow drying)


   Glue Remover: (When I put it on my own, it is basically useless, but it keeps on sticking to my hands, and it can’t be washed off even in a bath. It must be treated with glue-removing paste. There are tools that need to be cleaned with this, otherwise it’s difficult clean)

  L-shape volume tweezers: (I thought it was a must at first, but later I found out that it should be optional. Contact lens tweezers are also very useful。L-shape tweezer is best for diy,because it not straight  operate on you eyelid)

 Blowing a balloon: or holding a fan (choose one)

  Upper eyelashes: [1 box is enough for five or six times] (I bought 0.07 C /d curve 10MM, recommended C curve, D curve will have a messy curling feeling, but it is not very easy to operate

 Lower eyelashes: (optional. I used 0.10 C )

 Rings are the most cost-effective. Many people buy crystals. It is very inconvenient. The rings are cheap and easy to use. They have two compartments. They are also very convenient to clean. After they are hard, they will come down with a hard pull. There is no residue and will not be broken. , Wiping with unloading paste will make the inside not clean. It is better to pull directly.


  03 ▌Method/Step One

 1.Clean hands and tools, use clean cotton to clean around the eyes. You can put eye pads on the lower eyelids for better eyelashes


 2.Use the eyelash brush to comb the eyelashes and sort out the lashes


 3. Pour out an appropriate amount of  eyelash glue onto the jade piece, pick up the lash  and dip the glue from one third of the root, gently pull it out, be careful not to have any drops of water


  04▌Method/Step 2


  3.Graft the eyelashes 0.5mm away from the root of the real eyelashes along the growth direction of the real eyelashes (after sticking, it is recommended to use a blower to dry the glue and adjust the position with tweezers. The first grafting will be very unskilled, just practice a few more times)

   4.Stick the false eyelashes in sequence according to your needs

   5. Try not to touch the water on the day after the grafting is completed. It is normal that there will be a few drops. The length of the retention time depends on two main factors: the quality of the glue and the skill level of the two people (practice makes perfect).


   When grafting, be careful not to make the glue directly touch the skin, it will be a little irritating

   It is recommended to use a blowing ball to dry the glue every time a hair is received (personal practical advice)