Regarding the maintenance of the face, we always focus our attention on the skin or hair, and often overlook some of the finishing touches, such as the maintenance of eyelashes. Eyelashes, which are the key to enhancing the charm of women, are also discouraged by many women because of the high maintenance costs. So here is a brief introduction for everyone about a few daily eyelash care knowledge that does not cost money.


1. Master the correct method of removing mascara and false eyelashes


For products such as waterproof mascara, false eyelashes, makeup remover, or cream that are difficult to remove, it is still a choice that can be removed, but the dermatologist still reminds everyone: check whether the product is suitable for eyelashes and avoid irritating the eyes and skin around the eyes. As for general mascara, dermatologists believe that many fresh makeup removers and professional eye and lip makeup removers that can be used for eyelash cleansing on the market are good choices. When using it, the doctor shared a tip with everyone: Dip a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of makeup remover to wet the eyelashes for 30 seconds, let the cleansing ingredients penetrate to the bottom, and the removal can be completed quickly and cleanly. The eyelashes must be removed gently, so as not to pull the eye skin and cause fine lines!




2. Ask a doctor for help if the eyelashes are severely shed


The eyelashes suddenly fall off in large quantities, and the common direct cause is contact with too irritating substances, such as glue for false eyelashes, or products that are not suitable for your eyelashes. Other factors that ordinary people may ignore, as the dermatologist said: "You can check whether you have a very abnormal schedule and too much pressure... In fact, the cause of eyelash loss is like stress-type hair loss, because the inflammatory factors in the body attack the skin hair follicles. , Causing abnormal hair loss, such as the local hair loss commonly known as "ghost shaving", it will also appear on the eyebrows and eyelashes! In addition, iron deficiency anemia due to excessive weight loss and diet can also cause sudden large numbers of hair and eyelashes Falling off. If it is not for the above reasons, it may be related to a specific disease, and then you have to seek help from a doctor.


3. Eye cream will not nourish the eyelashes


Many women want to do both. When applying eye cream, they desperately push to the eyelid area, hoping that the roots of the eyelashes will absorb more or less nutrients. Regarding this approach, the doctor pointed out: "It should be difficult for eye cream to nourish the eyelashes! And it is not recommended to do so. .Because I’m not sure whether the ingredients of each eye cream are mild enough and will damage the mucous membranes of the eyes. So if the eye cream is rubbed too close to the roots of the eyelashes, it may cause irritation to the eyes.” Therefore, the eye cream can only be used in Keep the skin around the eyes away from the eyelashes to be safe.




4. Mascara is not as expensive as possible


More and more maintenance-grade mascaras with high-tech and ingredients are demanded in the market. For women who cherish their eyelashes like gold, it is really an irresistible temptation! But these products are really better than ordinary mascaras and are more healthy for their eyelashes. Is it beneficial? The uniqueness and composition of the big label, of course, has its theoretical basis and selling point, but does it have this value? Different people have different opinions. As long as you use it and think it is really good, it is actually worth it. I would like to remind everyone that instead of focusing on the maintenance effect, it is better to pay attention to whether the product is low irritation'! Because reducing irritation is the key to having healthy eyelashes.


5. Eyelash care liquid can be used


Eyelashes are also a kind of hair. Just like our hair care products, it can make the hair stronger and harder to break, so does the eyelashes. Appropriate use of products such as eyelash care liquid can indeed bring extra protection to the slim eyelashes and prevent eyelashes from breaking or falling off early. Therefore, if you really want to have beautiful eyelashes, the eyelash care solution may not be able to make the naturally sparse short hair longer and thicker, but at least it can make the eyelashes stronger and naturally healthy and bright.