The biological enzyme "EPM" contained in the eyelash growth fluid is composed of 10 amino acids, which is a part of the human tissue protein, which can produce hair cells and form tissues, and at the same time activate the dormant secondary hair follicle embryo tissue to make the hair follicle in the resting phase The cells return to the level of division and proliferation during the developmental period, which promotes the rapid growth of eyelashes.

Internal components

Eyelash growth fluid is composed of biological enzyme "EPM", distillate, hair follicle growth factor and other functions: it can be used to make hair cells and form tissues. The secondary dormancy can be activated. l Produce hair follicle embryo tissue to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes. Applicable people of eyelash growth liquid: Those who have sparse eyelashes, short eyelashes, or who have lost eyelashes after illness or after childbirth.

Principle of action

Main function: Promote the normal growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, improve the symptoms of hair follicle hypoplasia, and make eyelashes denser and longer

Because the hair follicle tissue of eyebrows is at the end of blood circulation, various physiological and pathological reasons of the human body can cause insufficient nutrient supply of eyebrow hair follicle tissue cells, which is the main reason why most people have sparse eyebrows.

Steps for usage

1. Thoroughly clean your face before going to bed, pull off the cap of the mascara, turn the top of the mascara clockwise to make the liquid seep to the brush, and gently apply the mascara to the roots of the upper eyelashes with the brush. After applying, brush the eyelashes upward with a brush to make the eyelashes curl up. Use this product every day for better results.

2. Do not rotate too much each time you rotate the mascara tube, just squeeze out a little, otherwise the liquid will drip out; avoid liquid  into the eyes; if you accidentally get into the eyes, you can wash it with water.

3. After use, do not turn the eyelash pen any more, and immediately cap the eyelash pen tightly to prevent the liquid in the pen from volatilizing.


1. Be careful not to brush on other areas that shouldn't, or hairs may grow! For example, the eyelids or the corners of the eyes, if you get it on, wipe it off with a tissue or cotton swab!

2. Those who wear contact lenses should remove the contact lenses before applying them, and wait for 15 minutes before wearing them, so as not to reduce the effect. To have the best effect, you must use it every night before going to bed. After continuous use, your eyelashes will become longer and thicker, and more and more eyelashes will grow, allowing your eyes to radiate The charming charm makes your life change. After removing all eye makeup every night, carefully apply the eyelash extender from the root to the tip of the eyelashes. The amount should be appropriate, and don't get it on the eyelids or inside the eyes.