I often hear some girls say that their own eyelashes have also dropped after grafting them! Hurt eyelashes!

So does grafting of eyelashes really make your own eyelashes fall off?

Regardless of whether eyelashes are applied or not. Your own eyelashes will grow with the body's metabolism, and at the same time they will fall off (1-3 per day). Even washing your face, blinking, or rubbing your eyes will make your eyelashes fall off!


Eyelashes go through the cycle of growth shedding renewal every month, so after eyelashes are beautiful, the grafted eyelashes will also fall with their own eyelashes during metabolism, but its fall will not affect the own eyelashes.

After grafting your eyelashes, your own care is extremely important to the durability of your eyelashes

 So how to pay attention to the maintenance of eyelashes?



Avoid contact with water

Do not touch water within 6 hours after applying eyelashes. Do not steam your face, sauna, yoga or sports activities that are prone to sweating for 24 hours, and avoid the heat from fumigating your eyelashes;

In addition, if the special glue for eyelashes is in contact with water for a long time, the adhered part will easily fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the eyelashes dry after cleansing, which can take good care of the eyelashes.



Don't pull the eyelashes

If the eyelashes become criss-cross and very messy, do not pull the eyelashes, otherwise the grafted eyelashes will be pulled down, and the eyelashes will be pulled off, which may damage the eye follicles.


(Note: Wash the eyes in one direction when washing your face, avoid rubbing the eyelashes, and do not use chemical fiber or wool to wipe the eyelashes to avoid falling off)


It is recommended to use a mascara brush to comb from the root to the end of the eyelashes



Always comb and clean, keep eyelashes dry

The same as the principle that hair needs to be combed every day and washed every other day,

Eyelashes also need to be combed and cleaned. If the eyelashes are grafted, try not to apply eye makeup, do not apply mascara, and do not use eyelash curlers.

Do not perm your eyelashes


Hesitating sleep is different from habits,

It is normal for 15 grafted eyelashes to fall off every day

The grafted eyelashes fall off without losing their own eyelashes

No need to worry!