Many people have such troubles that They watched 100 makeup bloggersmakeup videos and followed them down carefully step by step, but they still cant get a simple makeup look. There are still many people who think that makeup is difficult. After applying it a few times, they feel that no one else has done it well and then give up. I think we must recognize that makeup is a process that needs to be practiced and can be practiced. It is not good to make it twice, and it will be effective if it is painted thirty or fifty times. Everyone Amway a few tips about makeup!



1. Don't try to use all the cosmetics on your face as soon as you get started


Without mature technology, using all cosmetics can easily produce very exaggerated, and even somewhat ugly effects. When you first start makeup, you should pursue a more natural effect. The main purpose is to evenly brighten the skin tone and make the whole person more attractive. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the basic 4 parts: base Foundation , eyebrows, eyes and mouth.


Makeup: Choose liquid foundation or BB that is similar to skin tone.

PS: Be sure to apply sunscreen before primer! ! ! Many people know to apply a base cream, but in fact, sunscreen is more important! An important cause of skin aging is ultraviolet rays, so sun protection is also anti-aging.

In addition, everyone has to get out of a misunderstanding. It is not that there is no ultraviolet rays without the sun. Ultraviolet rays have always existed, including some indoor light sources also produce ultraviolet rays, so sunscreen must be applied every day.


Eyebrows: For novices, eyebrow powder is the easiest to use, just thicken and extend it according to your own eyebrow shape.


Eyes: If you don't know how to make a full set of this part, you can start with mascara, which can also make the eyes more energetic.


Mouth: Just pick a color that you like and not exaggerate! Continue to explore and practice, step by step, and slowly paint more difficult makeup according to your own technique.



2. Buy cosmetics


When you first buy cosmetics, you still have to go to the physical store to try it in person. Don't just rely on online information to buy blindly. Everyone’s skin type is different, so the acceptance of the product is different. For example, oily skin and dry skin have different feelings of the same liquid foundation, and different lip colors will also cause different people to apply the same lipstick. The same effect, so don't blindly pursue the net red, the most important thing is to suit yourself.


You need to buy a better liquid foundation, and use the cheaper ones like eyebrow pencils, blushers, and eye shadows.

Because liquid foundation and the like are directly applied to the face on a large area, for the sake of your own skin, it is natural to buy a better regular brand that is more secure. The quality of the base makeup directly affects the quality of the skin. No matter how good it looks, if the face is full of acne and fat particles, it seems that there is no ordinary person with smooth skin. Smooth skin is the premise of advanced makeup!

For other whitewash cosmetics, you can find many useful products in many cheap brands.



3. Choose products that suit your skin type


Determine whether your skin is dry or oily, and then buy targeted cosmetics; if you are not sure, it is best to buy small packages.



It's normal for a novice to paint badly at the beginning. In fact, make-up requires more practice. If you paint more, it will feel better. Beauty needs more exploration, and the most important thing is to suit yourself. Makeup still depends on how you feel, it’s not easy to make mistakes step by step~