Do you know the precautions after eyelash grafting?

1. First of all, do not apply eye makeup before grafting eyelashes, because the glue will not stick to oily substances.  

2. Secondly, after grafting eyelash, we must not touch the water within six hours, because the water will make the glue of our eyelashes unstable, so do not touch the water on your face also within six hours after grafting. Don't go to the shower either. And then not only the water, but also can't touch water vapor. Therefore, we cannot go to sauna, yoga and other items that make us sweat easily.  

3. After grafting eyelashes, consumers must make sure that the skin care products they use do not contain oil when applying eye makeup. Oily substances in cosmetics, makeup removers, skin care products, etc. can make glue lose its viscosity. Not apply eye makeup or makeup with low eye makeup content.

4. Don't pull your eyelashes after grafting. If your eyelashes become criss-cross and very messy, remember not to pull your eyelashes with your hands, otherwise, not only the grafted eyelashes will be pulled off, but the natural eyelashes will also be pulled off by you. It is recommended to use a mascara brush to carefully comb the eyelashes from the root to the tail. At the same time, pulling the eyelashes will damage the roots of our eyelashes.  

5. If you want to keep your eyelashes longer, you should paint less eye makeup. If you find that your eyelashes begin to fall off in the later stage, you need to go to a professional eyelash shop to professionally remove it to restore your eyelashes to normal.