DIY eyelash extension steps

①Prepare tools

A makeup mirror is easy to see the eyelashes up close, and the magnification effect is better.

Elbow tweezers or pointed tweezers

One ring is used to hold glue. It can also be used without the ring. Plastic sheet, etc., glass is better.

Eyelash brush for combing eyelashes

Black eyelash glue

Fake eyelashes


Eyelash brush

Ring setting, easy to take glue

② Start operation

1. Wash the face first, because it is best not to get wet for one day after planting, so I wash my face first. Apply skin care products. Be careful not to apply it to the eyelashes and dry the eyelashes. Eyelashes remain dry and dry. In this way, the glue can adhere better.

2. Use an eyelash comb to comb the upper eyelashes neatly

3. Pour a little glue on the ring and clamp the end of the false eyelashes with tweezers. If the root eyelashes are too thin, you can pinch two to three at a time. Otherwise it is not easy to operate. Dip a small amount of glue on the roots of the false eyelashes. Be careful not to apply too much glue. There should be no drip-shaped glue attached to the false eyelashes. You need to scrape off the excess glue at the edge of the setting.

4. Dip glue on the roots of the eyelashes, scrape off the excess glue and attach the glued false eyelashes to your own eyelashes. Pay attention to leaving a gap. It is about 0.5mm to 1mm from the root of eyelashes.

5. Observe the direction of eyelashes after sticking. Make sure that the false eyelashes are not skewed. If there is any skewing, adjust the direction with tweezers or hands. The curvature of the curve is upward. At the end of the eye, the eyelashes can be slightly tilted towards the outside.

I like to stick from the end of my eyes, so my claw hair is easy to use

Paste the false eyelashes one by one, you don't need to connect them too densely at once, and finally check the gaps and make up again. The length of the eyelashes should be a little shorter, so that it is natural and cute. It can be long in the middle and short at the end of the eye. Like mature ones, the end of the eyes gradually lengthens.

There is no irritation when you open your eyes during the whole process, and they dry faster, so you don't need a fan to blow your eyelashes.

I like to have long tails and short heads. I personally like to have longer tails to modify the shape of the eyes. Because the eyes are too round. Longer eyelashes at the end of the eye have a visual effect of lengthening the eyes. It took about 30 minutes for one eye

Don't touch the water after finishing it, at least the next day. Be careful when washing your face. If it falls off, just fill it up in time. You can use the eyelash brush to straighten it out.

Alright, thank you all for reading. Is the new skill get?